Analytic Number Theory: Diophantine Equations

Math 8440 - Fall 2021

Textbook:      There is no official textbook for the course but I will use

        Description:  The aim is to give an introduction to analytic methods to diophantine equations, with emphasis on the Hardy-Littlewood method of exponential sums.
More specifically I plan to discuss the following topics:

I. Waring's problem: the minor and major arcs

We discuss the asymtotics for the number of solutions to Waring's problem dute to Hardy-Littlewood and Hua.
Notes: H. Davenport: Diophantine equations and inequalities
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II. Vinogradov's mean value theorem and efficient congruencing

We discuss Vinogradov's improvement on Waring's problem through his mean value theorem. We also discuss the recent solution to Vingradov's cojecture through the so-called efficient congruencing method.
Notes: Heath-Brown: The cubic case of Vinogradov's Mean Value Theorem: A simplified approach to Wooley's ``efficient congruencing"

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III. Systems of non-diagonal diophantine equations

We introduce a general form of the circle-method to treat systems of non-diagonal equations, due the Birch and Davenport.
Notes: H. Davenport: Diophantine equations and inequalities

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