Overview of my research

My work is in the general area of group actions on algebraic varieties. Part of my work concerns the study of general equivariant theories such as equivariant Chow groups and equivariant K-theory. The goals of this work are to prove structure theorems (such as localization theorems) and to describe relations between these theories (such as equivariant Riemann-Roch). A second part of my work concerns the study of specific varieties of interest in Lie theory. These varieties include the flag variety and related objects such as Schubert varieties, nilpotent orbits and Springer fibres. Here I have worked on problems such as positivity in equivariant Schubert calculus, formulas for the restrictions of Schubert classes to fixed points, a new construction of the Belkale-Kumar product on the flag variety, and combinatorics related to rational smoothness of Schubert varieties.

Most of my papers are available in journals or on the arXiv (see the links at left). The journal versions sometimes incorporate changes or corrections that do not appear in the arXiv versions.


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