About me

I am a Professor and the Associate Head of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Georgia. I received my Ph.D. in Mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, under the direction of David Vogan.

I have advised three Ph.D. students: Wenjing Li, Brandon Samples and Ben Wyser.


My research concerns geometry related to algebraic groups. In particular, I am interested in equivariant K-theory, cohomology, and Chow groups, as well as problems related to flag varieties, Schubert calculus, and some related combinatorics. A complete list of my published research papers and preprints, as well as a more detailed description of my research interests, is available on my research page.

The triangle-shaped picture was created by Wenjing Li. It shows all the Weyl group elements less than a spiral element of length 11 in an affine Weyl group, along with some data used to determine the points where the corresponding Schubert variety is rationally smooth.


In Spring 2013 I am teaching MATH 8330, Intersection Theory. Links to more information about recent courses I have taught at UGA are available on my teaching page.

Undergraduate Information

As Associate Head, I serve as the Undergraduate Coordinator for the Mathematics Department. If you want advice on what mathematics course to take or are considering pursuing a mathematics major, please feel free to talk with me. My advising office hours are listed below. The undergraduate web page has general information about the mathematics program, including information about courses and syllabi, prerequisites, textbooks, MATH 1113, the study hall and tutors. The math major webpage has useful advice and descriptions of courses. See also the links on this web page.

Transfer Credit and Placement

Please read the information found here. If you need to talk with me about transfer credit, please come during the office hours listed below, or make an appointment in advance.

Transfer Students with math courses that DID NOT transfer as equivalent to UGA courses are encouraged to take the math placement test. No credit is given for exempted courses, but exemption of MATH 1113 or MATH 1101 may satisfy core and/or degree requirements. Please read here for more information.

Office Hours for Advising and Transfer Credit, Fall 2012:

Room 451 Boyd GRSC: Monday and Tuesday 1-2, Wednesday 12-1