Picture of Pete L. Clark
Pete L. Clark

Associate Professor 

Department of Mathematics
University of Georgia

Athens, GA 30602

Office: Boyd Graduate Center 502
Phone: (706) 542-2594
E-mail: pete(at)math(dot)uga(dot)edu

My research is primarily in number theory and arithmetic geometry.



Publications and Preprints
Math 2400(H): Honors Calculus With Theory (2011)
Math 3200: Introduction to Higher Mathematics (2009)
Math 4200/6200: General Topology (2014)
Math 4400/6400: Number Theory (2009)
Math 8020: Commutative Algebra (2011)
Math 8410: Number Theory II
Math 8430: Topics in Arithmetic Geometry II
CV (pdf)

UGA Mazur-Rubin Working Seminar
VIGRE Research Group: Computations on CM Elliptic Curves
2011-2012 VIGRE Research Group: Geometry of Numbers

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