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           An Invitation to Arithmetic Geometry


Professor Kleinert reviews the book in Zentralblatt fur Mathematik and writes: extremely carefully written, masterfully thought out, and skillfully arranged introduction -- and quite so an invitation, as promised -- to the arithmetic of algebraic curves, on the one hand, and to the algebro-geometric aspects of number theory, on the other hand. Detailed discussions, full proofs, much effort at thorough motivations, a wealth of illustrating examples, numerous related exercises and problems, hints for further reading, and a rich bibliography characterize this text as an excellent guide for beginners in arithmetic geometry... a highly welcome addition to the existing literature.

The book was developed from the notes of a year-long course taught at UGA. It is intended for upper level undergraduates and graduate students. The reviewer in Zentralblatt stresses the innovation in Professor Lorenzini's ``quite unconventional way'' of teaching arithmetic geometry.

The text... does justice to its author's methodological intentions in a very remarkable and, what is more, nearly perfect manner,... a methodological inspiration for teachers of the subject.

You will get a fairly good idea of what is in this book and of the pedagogical approach of the author by reading the Preface and the Description of the Chapters of the book.

Further information on the book can be obtained in the AMS Catalog.

I have included a list of additions and corrections. I try to keep the list of corrections updated and will add to it any new correction that you may send me.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any comments or questions on this book.


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