In addition to black boards and white boards, there are three options for presentation of talks: overhead projector, computer projector from your laptop, or video opaque projector ("elmo"). The overhead projector uses standard transparencies. The elmo can project printed pages, or you can write on a sheet of paper just as you would write on an overhead transparency.

If you plan to project from your laptop, please bring an adaptor to hook it up to a VGA cable. If you prefer you can have the pdf's on a thumb drive. It makes sense to have a low-tech backup (printout or transparencies) just in case the technology fails.

You can get Wi-Fi access pretty much everywhere on the UGA campus with a visitor password. We'll put the login and password in your registration packet.
The campus bus system is a convenient and free way to get around campus.
There is a parking deck just a few blocks from the math department where the talks will be held. Normally this costs about $8-10/day. During evenings and weekends you can park anywhere on campus (except the parking deck) at no cost. Check with our secretaries, and we'll see if we can dig up some half price passes.
We are planning a canoe trip down the Broad River on Friday afternoon. The we will rent canoes for $20/person from Broad River Outpost which is located about 20 miles north of Athens After the canoe trip we will figure out some sort of activity involving Zeb's barbeque.
Another way to see the countryside, without getting wet, is to drive about 30 minutes south to Madison (the city that Sherman refused to burn). If you walk along smaller back streets, you'll find lots of beautiful homes.
We get a huge amount of help running this conference from our STAFF, Julie McEver (aka, Connie Poore, Gail Suggs, Laura Ackerley, and Christy McDonald. They are super helpful, and if you don't see some of them at the conference, they are covering for those you do see.
If you have any questions just e-mail us.