Monday July 8 – Friday July 12, 2013

University of Georgia

Athens, Georgia

An annual topology conference has been held at the University of Georgia since 1961.

A common model for the shapes of polymers in solution is a random flight or closed random flight model. A closed random flight is a polygon in space. This means that the global geometry and topology of polygon spaces is highly relevant to the statistical geometry of random space polygons and hence to the statistical physics of polymers in solution. This year's Georgia Topology Conference is dedicated to exploring that connection, bringing together researchers working on the symplectic and algebraic geometry of polygon spaces with researchers interested in random polygons and random walks and their applications to biology and physics.

Travel support is available through a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Speakers are still being confirmed, but so far include:

Tetsuo Deguchi
Yuanan Diao
Claus Ernst
Alexander Grosberg
Alessia Mandini
Christopher Manon
Kenneth Millett
Tom Needham
Laura Plunkett
Chris Soteros
Uta Ziegler

The main conference organizers are Jason Cantarella and Clayton Shonkwiler.

This conference is supported by a generous grant from the National Science Foundation, DMS-1105699.

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