2010 Georgia Topology Conference

Wednesday May 19 - Sunday May 23, 2010

University of Georgia

Athens, Georgia

All talks are in Boyd 328, which is on the
third floor of the Boyd Graduate Studies Building
 (at the corner of Soule St and DW Brooks Dr,
and indicated with a green arrow and star)

An annual topology conference has been held at the University of Georgia since 1961. This year, the conference focuses on algebraic topology. Around half of the talks will be on the common theme of the Goodwillie-Weiss embedding calculus and its application to spaces of knots. Tom Goodwillie will give a series of 3 introductory talks on the embedding calculus at the graduate student level. Nick Kuhn will also give a series of introductory talks on periodic localization, generalized Tate cohomology, and infinite loopspaces.

The following have agreed to speak at the conference.

 Mark Behrens (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Andrew Blumberg (University of Texas)
Ryan Budney (University of Victoria)
Robert Ghrist (University of Pennsylvania)
Tom Goodwillie (Brown University)
Robin Koytcheff (Stanford University)
Nicholas Kuhn (University of Virginia)
Brian Munson (Wellesley College)
Kristine Pelatt (University of Oregon)
Dev Sinha (University of Oregon)
Michael Shulman (University of Chicago)
Victor Turchin (Kansas State University)
Ismar Volic (Wellesley College)

There is a limited amount of funding available for graduate students and recent PhDs. Please see the 'Support' section for more information.

The main conference organizers are Michael Ching and Niles Johnson. Please feel free to contact either of us with any questions.

Considerable thanks are due to Will Kazez for his assistance in creating this website. The organizers would also like to thank Will Kazez, Gordana Matic, Clint McCrory and Mike Usher for their help in putting together the conference.