The first multi-week Georgia Topology Conference was held in 1961 and was followed by shorter annual conferences. Two of the best known papers from these proceedings were Fox's Quick Trip Through Knot Theory and Stallings' On Fibering Certain 3-Manifolds.
The second of the large Georgia Topology Conferences was held in 1969. The eight year spacing between the first two conferences has set the timing since then. Jim Cantrell and Henry Edwards edited the conference proceedings.
Jim Cantrell edited the 1977 conference proceedings, which included more than three dozen papers on 3-manifolds, higher dimensional manifolds, and infinite-dimensional topology. John Hollingsworth contributed a short list of the most important unsolved problems in topology.
The 1985 conference proceedings, which were edited by Clint McCrory and Ted Shifrin, featured papers on knot theory, 3-manifolds, and 4-manifolds, including survey articles by Simon Donaldson and DeWitt Sumners.
Will Kazez organized the 1993 conference. To avoid confusion with our smaller annual conference, we started calling the octennial conference the Georgia International Topology Conference. The proceedings featured a comprehensive problem list by Kirby and open problems in foliations by Gabai.
The proceedings of the 2001 conference, edited by Gordana Matic and Clint McCrory, contain two open problem lists: one on foliations and laminations by Calegari, the other on contact topology by Etnyre and Ng.
The most recent large Georgia International Topology Conference was organized in 2009 by Michael Ching, Will Kazez, Gordana Matic, Clint McCrory, and Mike Usher. Mike Usher edited the proceedings, which were published by the AMS.

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