Georgia Topology Conference*

June 22-26, 2005

Athens, Georgia


*serving topologists since 1961

The 2005 Georgia Topology Conference will be held in Athens, Georgia, on June 22-26, 2005.  The conference is hosted by the University of Georgia and sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the University of Georgia.

The focus of this year's conference will be 3-dimensional hyperbolic geometry, and in particular, hyperbolic manifolds of small volume. Several speakers will give multiple talks, so we hope this will make the conference particularly accessible to graduate students.

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Additional Activities


More information

If you are landing in Atlanta, take the AAA Athens/Atlanta Airport Express to Athens, and get off at the Georgia Center. This will put you about 2 blocks from both the dorm, Myers Hall, and the math department, Boyd Graduate Studies.

On the map you'll find the Georgia Center in S11, Myers Hall in S03, and Graduate Studies in S05.

Coffee and bagels will be served each morning at 9:00 in room 409 Boyd. All talks will be in room Room 304 Boyd.

Confirmed Speakers:

Ken Baker, University of Georgia

Dave Gabai, Princeton University will give 3 lectures on tameness

Sa'ar Hersonsky, Ben Gurion University/University of Georgia

Will Kazez, University of Georgia

Rob Meyerhoff, Boston College will give 3 lectures on old and new results on volumes

Peter Milley, UC Riverside will give 2 lectures

Hossein Namazi, Yale

Andrew Przeworski, Oklahoma State University will give 2 lectures

Igor Rivin, Temple University

Peter Storm, Stanford University


Here is a VERY TENTATIVE schedule; links go to the abstracts.

Coffee and bagels will be served each morning at 9:00 in room 409 Boyd.
All talks will be in room Room 304 Boyd.

Wednesday, June 22 Thursday, June 23 Friday, June 24 Saturday, June 25 Sunday, June 26
9:30-10:30 am Dave Gabai, I Rob Meyerhoff, I Peter Milley, I Rob Meyerhoff, III Andrew Przeworski, II
10:45-11:45 am Sa'ar Hersonsky Dave Gabai, II Rob Meyerhoff, II Peter Milley, II Dave Gabai, III
2:00-3:00 pm Hossein Namazi Igor Rivin Canoe Trip Peter Storm  
3:15-4:15 pm Andrew Przeworski, I Will Kazez Canoe Trip Ken Baker  



All major airlines fly to Atlanta.  From there, a shuttle service, AAA Athens/Atlanta Airport Express (800-354-7874), can provide the 90 minute trip to Athens for $35 one way.  You should contact AAA directly to make a reservation.

The only airline that flies to Athens is US Airways (800-428-4322), which flies to Athens only from Charlotte.  There are three flights a day from Charlotte to Athens, and there are many flights to Charlotte from the Northeast.  The Athens airport is very close to town, and taxi service from the airport.

One can often find great airline deals to/from Atlanta on Clark Howard's site.  Check it out for more details.


We've arranged for housing in Meyers Hall. Myers Hall is located at S03 on Parking Services' map.

Several rooms have been reserved for conference participants.  Singles and doubles are available.  Prices are $24.50/person/day for a double, $33.50/person/day for a single.  If you wish to stay in the dorm, let me know.  Be sure to tell me whether you'd prefer a single or a double, and in case it's double, tell me if you have a preferred roommate.

There are also several hotels in Athens where you can stay if you prefer.  Please make these arrangements yourself.  (If you've been to the Georgia Topology Conference before, you may have stayed in the Downtowner. Is this how you remember it?)


There is no registration fee, but please let me know if you are planning to come. If you want to stay in the dorms, you should let me know by June 8. Also let me know the approximate time you will arrive and leave.

Additional Activities

In accordance with tradition, there will be a canoe trip on Friday afternoon.  Hopefully the river will contain some water.
We also usually have lots of parties.

Amazingly, one can do things in Athens other than the conference.  Check out the Flagpole (Athens alternative newspaper) for information about local music, bars, restaurants, and goings-on.  There is also a nice article about Athens in the Friday 10 May 2002 edition of the New York Times, written by someone with good taste.


Some money may be available for graduate students.  To apply for support, please contact me.  Please include the following information.  What is your subject of study in graduate school?  If it is not topology, what is your interest in topology?  When do you expect to get the Ph.D. degree?  Who is your faculty adviser?

More information

Here are some potentially relevant links: UGA Math Department, information about Athens, Flagpole (Athens alternative newspaper), the Red and Black (UGA student newspaper).

For any other information, feel free to contact me.

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