2015 Georgia Topology Conference


Wednesday June 10 - Sunday June 14, 2015

University of Georgia

Athens, Georgia

All talks are in 328 Boyd Graduate Studies

The focus of the conference will be on symplectic topology and dynamics.

The list of speakers who have accepted our invitation includes:

Erkao Bao (UCLA)
Olguta Buse (IUPUI)
Dan Cristofaro-Gardiner (Harvard)
Jean Gutt (Berkeley)
Kristen Hendricks (UCLA)
Ailsa Keating (Columbia)
Michael Khanevsky (Chicago)
Tian-Jun Li (Minnesota)
Samuel Lisi (Mississippi)
Cheuk-Yu Mak (Minnesota)
Mark McLean (Stony Brook)
Jo Nelson (IAS/Barnard)
Andres Pedroza (Colima)
Egor Shelukhin (Montreal)
Mohammed Tehrani (Stony Brook)
Weiwei Wu (Montreal)

The main conference organizer is Mike Usher. The conference is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation (DMS-1435788).

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