Programs and Projects in Education in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Georgia


Members of the Department of Mathematics are engaged in a variety of unique and exciting programs and projects in mathematics education. Interested graduate students, postdocs, and faculty have a number of opportunities for creative involvement in education here.


Our programs and projects include:


      Euclid Lab


      The Math Curriculum Team is a STEM Learning Community at UGA. Team members are local high school math teachers, faculty members of the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Statistics, and the Department of Mathematics and Science Education, as well as a faculty member and graduate student in Educational Research who specialize in educational measurement. The team meets monthly to discuss issues of the mathematics curriculum in high school and the UGA courses that prepare teachers.


      Mathematicians Educating Future Teachers (MEFT) is a two-semester program to train graduate students and postdocs to teach courses for prospective elementary and middle grades teachers.


      The Mathematics Teaching Community is an online community for those of us who want mathematics teaching to be a vigorous, vibrant profession. It's a place where we can learn with and from each other and build a repository of knowledge about mathematics teaching. Everyone who teaches (or taught) mathematics at any level from PreK through college is invited. Use the tags to search for topics of interest. Post submissions, which can be anything for or about mathematics teaching, such as activities, questions, or links to useful resources. Vote for postings that you find helpful or interesting. Further information about the site can be found in the FAQ and in postings with the meta tag.


      UGA Math Circle