EMAT 9700

Recommended Reading


During tests and quizzes, please spend the class time reading something that is relevant to the mathematical preparation of teachers and then write some brief comments on what you read in the weekly discussions. Start by reading portions of the first two documents listed below. If you teach teachers, you should be familiar with these basic references. You are also welcome to find other things to read that are relevant to teacher education. If so, please share the reference in the discussions with everyone.


Recommended items to read during tests:


1) The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. These new standards have now been adopted by most states, including Georgia. Most states are starting to teach to these standards. (Information about Georgia’s implementation can be found here: https://www.georgiastandards.org/Common-Core/Pages/default.aspx )


2) The Mathematical Education of Teachers, http://www.cbmsweb.org/MET_Document/   CBMS report, published by the AMS in cooperation with the MAA. You might pick one or two chapters to read. A revision of this document, MET2, will be published soon.


3) Read postings on the Mathematics Teaching Community (MTC) at  https://mathematicsteachingcommunity.math.uga.edu/ . MTC is an online community for everyone who teaches (or taught) mathematics at any level from PreK through college. Members can post submissions, which can be anything for or about mathematics teaching, such as activities, questions, or links to useful resources. Members tag their submissions and anyone (members and non-members) can use tags to search for topics of interest. Further information about the site can be found in the FAQ and in postings with the "meta" tag.  


4) NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, http://nctm.org/standards/default.aspx?id=58

These standards have been very influential. You might pick a chapter to read or browse, or you might look at the E-examples (see top left).


5) NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) Curriculum Focal Points for Prekindergarten through Grade 8 Mathematics, http://nctm.org/standards/default.aspx?id=58

These were published in 2006. A number of states used them in revising their mathematics standards and the Common Core Standards were heavily influenced by them.