Beckmann’s section of EMAT 9700

Observing Mathematics Content Courses for

Prospective Elementary or Middle Grades Teachers

At the University of Georgia

Instructor: Sybilla Beckmann, Department of Mathematics, University of Georgia,

Course goals : The goal of this course is to help prepare you for the eventual teaching of a course similar to the one you are observing and to help you think about the mathematical preparation of teachers in general.

Who should take this course : This course is intended for mathematics and mathematics education graduate students who would like to become prepared to teach mathematics content courses for prospective elementary and middle grades teachers. Math graduate students in the MEFT (Mathematicians Educating Future Teachers) program take this course in their first semester of MEFT. Math graduate students may use this course towards obtaining the Certificate in Mathematics Education through the Department of Mathematics and Science Education.

Course description and requirements: EMAT 9700, Spring 2015

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