Curriculum VitaE:  Daniel K. Nakano

Daniel K. Nakano

Born:  July 30, 1964 in Seattle, Washington

Citizenship: United States



Mathematics University of California, Berkeley
1988 M.S. Mathematics  Yale University
1989 M.Phil Mathematics Yale University
1990 Ph.D. Mathematics  Yale University
Thesis Advisor: George B. Seligman
Thesis: Projective modules over Lie algebras of Cartan type

Research Interests: 

  • Representation Theory of Algebraic Groups, Quantum Groups, and Lie Superalgebras
  • Homological Methods in Representation Theory
  • Cohomology and Support Varieties for Algebraic and Finite Groups
  • Algebraic and Geometric Methods in Lie Theory  


Visiting Assistant Professor  Auburn University
1991-95 Visiting Assistant Professor Northwestern University
1992-95 NSF Postdoctoral Fellow Northwestern University
1994-98 Assistant Professor Utah State University
1998-02 Associate Professor Utah State University
2001-03 Associate Professor University of Georgia
2003-10 Professor University of Georgia
2010- Distinguished Research Professor University of Georgia


Visiting Positions:


April 1993  University of Virginia
April 1995 University of Virginia
July 1998 Aarhus University, Denmark
June-July 2002 Visiting Professor, Osaka City University, Japan
Jan-June 2003       EPSRC Research Fellow, Oxford University, England
May 2004 Institute for Mathematical Sciences, University of Virginia 
June 2005 Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland
Jan-June 2006   
Visiting Professor, University of Virginia
March 2008
General Member, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, CA
July 2009 East China Normal University, Shanghai China
July 2009 Peking University, Beijing China
Jan-June 2010   
Visiting Professor, University of Sydney, Australia
March-June 2010 University of New South Wales, Australia
April 2010 University of Melbourne, Australia
July 2013 Morningside Institute, Beijing, China
May-June 2014 Centre de Recherches Mathematiques (CRM), Montreal, Canada
Feb-March 2015 Mittag-Leffler Institute, Stockholm, Sweden


Research Support:


NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship DMS-9206284
1995-1998 NSF Research Grant DMS-9500715
1996-1997 Utah State University: Faculty Research Grant
1998-2001 NSF Research Grant DMS-9800960
2001-2004 NSF Research Grant DMS-0102225
2004-2007 NSF Research Grant DMS-0400548
2007-2010 NSF Research Grant DMS-0654169
NSF Research Grant DMS-1002135
2014-2017 NSF Research Grant DMS-1402271


Co-Principal Investigator on Other Grants:


Co-PI on NSF VIGRE Grant DMS-0089927 at the University of Georgia
2008-2013 PI on NSF VIGRE Grant DMS-0738586 at the University of Georgia
2009-2011 Co-PI on NSF Grant DMS-0852373 (Southeastern Lie Theory Workshop Series)
2012-2013 Co-PI on NSF Grant DMS-1206255 (Southeastern Lie Theory Workshop Series)
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