Real Analysis

Math 8100 - Fall 2020

Textbook:     Real Analysis, by E. M. Stein and R. Shakarchi

Secondary References:
Description:  The aim of the course is to give an introduction to graduate level Real Analysis and to some of its applications.
                       We plan to discuss material from the first 4-6 chapters of the textbook in a relaxed manner. We may watch some additional instructional videos.
                       Topics may include but may not be limited to:
Exams: There will be one Midterm Exam scheduled on Tuesday, October 20th,  and one  Final Exam scheduled on Tuesday, December 14th.
              Exams will be open book and done online. Scheduled dates of Exams are flexible.

Homeworks will be assigned bi-weekly and there will be two weeks given to complete them.
We will leave time to discuss questions about the Homework assignments during the Lectures and the Office Hours.

Grades:       Homeworks:  20%          Midterm: 30%             Final:  50%

Grading Scale: A: 88-100 A-: 85-87  B+: 81-84 B: 76-80 B-: 72-75 C+: 68-71 C: 62-67 C-: 58-61 D: 56-60 F: 0-55

Note: All materials will be uploaded on the Course page for Math 8100 I Real Analysis on UGA ELC.


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    Homework assignments:     HW 1       HW 2      HW 3      HW 4      HW 5      HW 6      HW 7      HW 8

    Problem Sessions:      Problem Set I      
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