Math 4100/6100 - Real Analysis - Fall 2017

Neil Lyall
Boyd 602A
lyall (followed by
Office Hours:


  12:30-1:45 (Boyd 303)
  5:00-6:00 (provisionally)
  12:15-1:15 (

Principle Textbook:   Principles of Mathematical Analysis, by Walter Rudin (Third Edition)
 Note: Solutions to the problems in this text can be found here

Secondary Text:  
Understanding Analysis, by Stephen Abbott

Topics:   Roughly Chapters 1-8 of Rudin + Extra Topics

Homework will be assigned on an essentially weekly basis, see below:

Exams: There will be two in-class "Midterm" Exams as well as a Final Examination  ** dates to be determined**

Exam 1: Thursday the 5th of October
Exam 1
Exam 1 Material and Review  Old Exam 1  Older Exam 1
Handout 1 (on infinite series)
Exam 2: Tuesday the 14th of November
Exam 2 Exam 2 Material and Review (including old exam questions)
         Final Exam: Tuesday the 12th of December from 12:00-3:00

Grading: Homework: 10%
Tests: 40% (20% each)  
Final: 50%

For full credit, full work must always be shown. Any absence on a test day will result in a test grade of 0. It will be possible to make up for a missed test only if documented justification for the absence is provided.
Attendance Policy:  
The official attendance policy of the university states: 
Students are expected to attend classes regularly. A student who incurs an excessive number of absences may be withdrawn from a class at the discretion of the professor (
In this class, we interpret "excessive" to mean TWO or more unexcused absences.

Academic Honesty: As a University of Georgia student, you have agreed to abide by the University’s academic honesty policy, “A Culture of Honesty,” and the Student Honor Code. All academic work must meet the standards described in “A Culture of Honesty” found at: Lack of knowledge of the academic honesty policy is not a reasonable explanation for a violation. Questions related to course assignments and the academic honesty policy should be directed to the instructor.