Jon F. Carlson

                Mail:      Jon F. Carlson,
                           Department of Mathematics,
                           University of Georgia,
                           Athens, GA 30602.  

Phone: (706)-542-2592 Fax: (706)-542-2573 Electronic mail: jfc@ this domain (math.uga...)

I am emeritus professor of Mathematics at

I have written some computer programs to compute the cohomology ring of finite p-groups. To see some of the results of the third run on calculations of the cohomology rings click here. The results of the first run and the second run are still available.

I have been using newly developed program for extracting generators and relations for matrix algebras to compute the structure of Hecke algebras for symmetric groups. To see the results click here. Some computations of basic algebras of Schur algebras have been added recently. The results can be found here.

Recently, I have added calculations of the Hecke algebras for the permutation modules which are the normalizers of Sylow subgroups. The results are found by clicking here.

My research interests are in Algebra/Group Theory. You may also view my current vita and publication list in dvi or pdf formats.

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