Caner Kazancı

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics
and College of Engineering

Office: 444 Boyd GSRC
Phone: (706) 542-2556

Research Interests

Modeling biological and ecological systems, studying system-wide properties of these systems, and working on mathematical and computational solutions to questions of interest, such as control, effects of modifications, evolution and reverse engineering.

  • Biological and ecological modeling, simulation and analysis.
  • Numerical analysis, dynamical systems.
  • Ecological network analysis (ENA), ecological thermodynamics.
  • Stochastic modeling tools, individual based modeling.
  • Collective behavior of large biochemical reaction networks, the relation between network structure and system dynamics.
You can find more information on my research page.


EcoNet is an ecological modelling and simulation software. Any process that can be represented as a stock-flow diagram, related to Ecology or not, can be implemented in EcoNet. It is an online software, so users can run their models online without downloading and installing. EcoNet is written in C++ from scratch, and it is very efficient. Visit EcoNet homepage for more information.


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